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What We Do.
The main activity of KENTLER is project management and consultancy in large scale construction projects. KENTLER determines the schedule, budget and quality objectives in line with the needs of the project.

In the engineering phase of the project, KENTLER creates the design solutions together with the designers and make the preliminary budget and work schedule. All contracts, technical specifications, quantity measurements are carried out for the procurement phase. The project is divided into the work packages, tenders are made and contracts with the contractors are signed. The work made by the contractors at the site are inspected within the scope of quality, work program and budgets and their payments are regulated. KENTLER executes all processes related to contractors as the owner’s engineers. At the end of the project, KENTLER handles the test and commissioning procedure and deliver the project to client.

By this approach the goal of the KENTLER in project management is to eliminate the potential risks and to bring its customers to an economic and quality conclusion.

In addition to project management, KENTLER carries out technical consultancy and consultancy services in its field.

KENTLER provides project management and consultancy services in the construction sector by identifying the right methodologies with its expert staff who keeps quality, time and budget targets at the forefront.
Using digital technology, allowing for training and development of staff, KENTLER aims to be a leading project management company in Turkey and at its region.