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Construction projects have the opportunity to complete within the scope of the specified quality and cost at the desired date, when managed with the necessary knowledge and successful proven management systems.

KENTLER develops preliminary plans on alternatives and prepare feasibility reports. By analyzing construction methods the optimum methods are determined. Time and money saving is aimed by making the targeted work is done in a single attempt. Project and construction management models designed for different types of structures are implemented by coordinating and adapting to the requirements of project partners. KENTLER creates added value for clients’ projects, utilizing accumulated knowledge. KENTLER gives all the support to clients need through the whole life cycle using innovative management techniques.

KENTLER helps clients develop their concepts into a well-engineered and constructed project. With a full spectrum of project management disciplines across a wide range of sectors including transport, education, healthcare, government, energy, industry and leisure. Project management team comprises of experts from different disciplines; architects, civil, environmental, mechanical, electrical, and process engineers, economists, and planners.

Detailed scope of our project management services are given below